Choosing the Right Vibrator

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These contain little balls that rotate just at the entrance to your vagina, the head rotates and the bunny ears stimulate your clitoris. The Mini i-Vibe is one vibe I would highly recommend.

Clitoral stimulators

A great way to start out in the world of vibes. Clitoral stimulators can be used alone or with your partner during sex. As he penetrates you from behind he can reach around with the toy in his hand, to heighten your pleasure. It adds a whole new dimension to sex. You can even use it on him. Trace it between the skin between his balls and bum to drive him wild. Again I would advise you choose a clitoral stimulator that has adjustable speeds. And use your imagination with it. They are for external use only but explore your body with it or let him explore your body with it. Try it on other erogenous zones and see how wonderful it feels.

G-Spot Vibes

If you have ever wondered if your G spot exists here is your answer. G-Spot vibes usually bend or have a hook shaped end to hit that wonderful spot a couple of inches in on the front wall of your vagina. Everybody is raving about the Rock Chick and it didn't win best adult toy for nothing. The idea behind this rather strange looking U-shaped vibe is that you insert and rock til your hearts content. Vibes now come in hands free! The U shape means that it can stimulate your G spot and your clitoris at the same time.

Anal Vibes

Surprisingly to many women, there is much fun to be had with anal play. With lots of patience and lube this can be immensely pleasureable. If you want to try this with your partner, using a vibe can be a great way to start. Practising with a vibe means that you are in control and also means that you can get used to the feeling of having something there. It is very important that you chose a vibrator that has been specifically designed for anal use. These vibes are flared at the bottom to avoid the object being sucked up and an embarrassing trip to the emergency ward!

2) What material should I choose?

This will depend on personal preference and budget. What material do you like to feel against your skin? Are you allergic to anything? How much are you willing or able to spend?

Jelly Rubber

Jelly dildos and vibrators are the most inexpensive option but tend to give off milder sensations than silicone or plastic as they absorb the vibrations. It is also recommended that you use a condom with jelly vibrators, particularly if you have sensitive skin.


Plastic vibes are hard and have extremely powerful vibrations. The material can mean that the vibrations are pinpointed in a particular spot or spread across a large area but the intensity of the vibrations can sometimes become a little numbing. Variable speeds are highly recommended. The other drawback of a plastic vibe is that they are noisier than other toys but they are easy to keep clean as their surface does not absorb body fluids.


Medical grade silicone is the latest and safest in vibrator materials. Completely hypoallergenic this material feels soft and smooth against the skin, is easy to keep clean and allows for intense vibrations that can spread across a larger area as they easily resonate through the silicone.