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If you are like many people who live or perhaps visit to La, a period can come when you just might would like to get away from the madding crowd. When the urge to flee that massive city arrives many people head for the tranquility from the Santa Monica or San Gabriel mountains. Others drive a bit farther to savor some desert solitude. But nonetheless others for the reason that situation say "anchors aweigh" and strike out over the Pacific Ocean. There is no finer side trip from La than setting sail for a excursion or perhaps a weekend getaway to nearby Santa Catalina Island.

Under 25 miles offshore, Catalina Island is a part of mostly-hectic La County. But notwithstanding its political jurisdiction, Catalina is a world on its own. Most of of the island is a member of the Catalina Conservancy, and it is environment is highly protected.


Catalina is a small but historic and environmentally significant Los angeles island. Tourists from La and beyond have been visiting Catalina Island since prior to the turn of the 20th century, but through the years its isolation helps to preserve and protect its magnificent natural beauty. There are just 3 ways to get at Catalina -- on the private ship or boat, on a ferry or by air - and cars are restricted. Consequently, today Catalina greets its tourists in exactly the same because it did in yesteryear.

Nothing can compare to a little time on a small (although not deserted) island to soothe the soul and quiet your brain. As an asylum from the hubbub of La, Catalina is almost beyond compare. Avalon and 2 Harbors are the island's two population centers. Both offer amenities to visitors, but no one in the right mind would ever call both of them a town.

Most visitors tour the area on foot, but bicycles and golf carts easily can be rented if you like to not walk. Cars are restricted, so the permissible island modes of transportation provide a refreshing vary from La traffic jams. Full-service resort hotels and getaway rentals provide a number of accommodation on the island. Many hotels and rental villas are oceanside or offer views of Avalon Harbor or Hamilton Cove. Dining options include seafood obviously, however the island's restaurants also boast indoor and alfresco fine dining, steaks and ribs, Italian dishes, pizza, Mexican food and good old-fashioned home-style cooking.

Catalina Island is a small place but there are many items to occupy vacationers. The Art Deco Casino is a notable Catalina landmark located on Avalon Beach. A well known tourist attraction, this tall structure features the world's largest circular ballroom, a large cinema and the interesting Catalina Island Museum which preserves the island's cultural heritage through its many exhibits. Semi-submarine and glass bottom boat tours take vacationers offshore so that they can see the marine life, reefs and shipwrecks with the island's superior waters. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, biking, hiking, eco-tours and golf are also popular vacation pastimes, and 2 beaches around the island offer good surfing. And Avalon includes a pedestrian walkway lined with quaint shops, charming boutiques and galleries for those who love shopping. But rather than benefiting from these offerings, many people prefer to just take it easy on certainly one of Catalina's idyllic beaches.

Catalina Island is an oasis in the ocean, a haven near the coast of Los angeles. A location where individuals can enjoy warm clear waters inside a friendly Mediterranean-style setting. Catalina Island could be anything you want so that it is. Relaxing or adventurous, it may be romantic but it is also the perfect getaway if you are traveling on your own.